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Overwatch Funtime: Mercy Examines Pt. 1
   Three shots, three kills - simulated kills that is. D.Va ducked back behind cover as a pair of training drones spat a volley of stun rounds at her position. She waited for the telltale bang-bang-bang-clack which notified her that their ammunition had run out. Jumping out from behind the protection of a simulated ramen stall, D.Va’s light gun spoke twice, each projectile hitting the floating drones square in their processing units. By the time their propellers spun out and their chassis crashed onto the ground, she was already back in cover behind a building corner. “Noobs,” she chuckled as she proceeded to the objective. Though she hadn’t put in many hours in FPS games, she knew the gist well enough. In this training scenario, D.Va would have to reach the gates of the Shimada compound and end the simulation via a holographic interface, while making sure that the training drones didn’t frag her.
       There were two kinds o
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United States
Just a curmudgeonly armadillo with a thing for sleepy scenes.

Yes, I have to beat the ladies off with a stick. Don't judge me by my good looks.


Join the Club - Part 14
"No problem!" said Kohaku. "But hey, speaking of clubs, are you in any?"

Hiro shook his head, no.

"Huh. Also weird. You look like someone who would be. Anyway, you're in luck because I'm starting a new one today, and I'm looking for members!"

Hiro shrugged, unsure how to respond.

"Would you believe," the girl continued, "that there's no proper Paranormal Club here at Somno High? That seems really strange, what with all the spooky stuff happening recently. I've been hearing some stories about-"

"The attacks, yeah," Hiro interrupted, feeling a small flinch in his stomach.

Kohaku nodded, seemingly oblivious to any of Hiro's cues. "Yep! It's scary, and no one's been able to figure out what happened. But we might! We're going to delve into the dark and mysterious with this club, and aim to seperate fact from fiction."
Join the Club - Part 13
Hiro collected himself as best he could. "N-no, not really. You just caught me off guard."

The girl giggled. "I have that effect on people. I can be pretty quiet without realizing. But this isn't about me." She shifted her position on the desk to sit upright, her demeanor relaxed. "Something got you down?"

Hiro almost responded right away, but closed his mouth and blinked. "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Kohaku," the girl replied cheerily. "I just transferred here. I was in 209 but they moved me to 206 just today." She cocked her head to one side, not unlike a curious dog. "Why, did you not notice me earlier too?"

Thinking about it, Hiro had not seen any sign of her during the day's classes, which seemed odd. He felt he would have noticed a new girl like her. His mind had been pretty wrapped up in his plight all day though; maybe he had just failed to take in this new information.

He sighed sheepishly. "I guess not. I've got a lot on my mind today."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"I'd rather not talk about it."

Kohaku curled her lower lip in response, a small pout that was only there for a split second before vanishing. "Fair enough," she said. "It just seemed weird that you were sitting all by yourself back here while everyone else is either doing club stuff or heading home. I thought I would check on you, say hello."

She's surprisingly forward for a girl, thought Hiro with bewilderment. He wasn't sure how he felt about it. "Uh... thanks?"
Join the Club - Part 12
The girl sitting on the desk next to him made him snap up, startled. He had never seen this girl before, but she had not been seated there mere moments ago. He had not even heard her approach, much less pose herself on the desk in such a relaxed, nonchalant position. She sat, shapely legs crossed in front of her, as she leaned toward him on her left arm - her right hand adjusted a pair of glasses on her nose, perched above a grin of perfect, pearlescent teeth.

She giggled, raising one eyebrow. "Did I scare you?"
Join the Club - Part 11
Hiro waited until Yukari was truly gone before putting his head in his hands, taking shaky breaths. He felt like he had dodged a bullet, but in a game of Russian Roulette. The odds still seemed to favor him, yet those odds were slim.

Why had he let himself make the mistakes he'd made in that moment of weakness? A clearer head would have done the right thing, but something else had compelled him to dig his own grave, and now here he was. If Yukari somehow learned the truth, it was all over for him. His life would be ruined.

And he knew it was justified, Yukari's anger and Asagi's furtive, unreadable glances. But thinking back on it... God, he had just been granted that opportunity, and he had wanted it so badly...

"You look like you're at your wit's end," said a voice to his right suddenly. "What's eating you?"

Mildly surprised, Hiro glanced at the speaker...
Join the Club - Part 10
"G-got it," Hiro replied.

"Good," said Yukari with finality as she began to turn and march away. "I'm glad we have an understanding. Remember: I've got my eye on you."

And with that, she was out the classroom door, startling the few stragglers around her as she slammed it shut in her wake.
Well, at long last, it's over. Opportunity Knocks has concluded.

It seems like this last batch all came fast and furious... and that's true. I've had quite the backlog of images, and decided I would simply get the whole thing done in one go!

Again, I want to thank everyone who's shown this story some love and appreciates what I've done. I apologize it feels like I maybe screwed some of you out of a more, er, "risque" scenario, but please trust that I have very good reasons for doing so, and they will serve the overall narrative I have planned.

Speaking of, just because this is over doesn't mean their won't be more. Believe it or not, I've got an absurd saga in mind for this whole thing, and both stories I've told so far will lead into others and interconnect. Expect more wacky, sexy, stupid and fun shenanigans in the near future... and plenty of anime tropes!

For now, this armadillo needs to curl up and sleep. Peace y'all!


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